Christ Empowerment Ministries is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit corporation. In October 2013 six individuals gathered to discuss their concerns for the kingdom of God in the Tri-city area of Lake County, Florida. The conversation that evening did not solely focus on a problem but the unique skills each person presented in solving it. The transparency of their hearts caused a shift in the heavens and the Spirit of God began to orchestrate their journey. On October 16,2013, the original board of Spiritual Leaders consisting of Dr.Stephen and Latoya Young, Desmond and Ericka Wright, Kimberly Burch and Andrew Roman formed and established Christ Empowerment Ministries. It was during this time the group would work together as a team to organize the 3rd annual Fellowship of Love Outreach (FOLO). This was an outreach event that was birthed in 2011 out of a heart to be a blessing to the community. Not only was the local community served but displaced families in the county through the alliance with Lake County Schools.
Our mission is to serve the community by being a visible, vocal and spiritual manifestation of Christ’s character and His Love. Our vision is to continue our outR.E.A.C.H (Reaching Everyone and Creating Hope)events, and providing programs that focus primarily on ministering to the emotional, financial, educational, physical and spiritual needs of youth, individuals and families in the community.